10 Best Private Schools In Johannesburg

Education plays a very big role in the life of a child. This is why all parents should strive to give their children/wards the right kind of education that would pivot them to becoming responsible and valuable members of society.

More so, if you are in the city of Johannesburg, and need a quality school to enroll your kids in, we are going to detailing 10 best private schools in Johannesburg to help you achieve this feat. This list is in no order of superiority, but just a go-to-guide to ease you of the stress and having to look around for a great learning center to get your kids/wards started in.

We of course understand squeezing out quality time between the demands of your work or business can be very daunting, hence the reason for this post. Let’s go!

1. Sparks Schools

This learning center is one of the many great schools to really change the face of private institutional learning in the city of Johannesburg. Sparks Schools is a relatively new school founded in 2013 with a mission to providing quality education for kids in Johannesburg and South Africa at large.

It is owned and managed by Stacey Brewer and Ryan Harrison. Currently, Sparks Schools have opened four other branches in other cities and provinces in South Africa to include Gauteng and Western Cape.

2. St Mary’s School

One of the top rated all-girl high schools in the city of Johannesburg, St Mary’s School is a moderately priced, multi dynamic girls-only boarding high school that has come to be recognized in all of Johannesburg and the Gauteng Province at large.

The school currently has over a thousand girls students in enrollment in its Grades 000 to Grades Twelve academic learning program.

3. Orban School

Orban School is a multi-dynamic, Christian denominational learning center that offers quality training to kids in both and primary levels. English and Afrikaans are used as the primary languages of training for pupils at Orban School. The school operates from a uniquely serene environment that allows pupils express themselves in both academic and after-school programs such as drama and music.

 Orban School has a robust curriculum that gives kids a balanced training and has successfully earned the “Best overall achievement of schools in Johannesburg” for 5 years in a roll.

4. St. Martin’s School

Founded as a multi-faceted denominational institution of higher learning, St Martin’s School is a privately owned, Anglican high school in the city of Johannesburg Gauteng Province. It had both a day and boarding facilities for its students and is regarded as one of the best high schools in Johannesburg.

St Martin’s School caters its services to students between the Grades Eight all up to Grades Twelve levels of academic learning.

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5. The Ridge School

The Ridge School was founded more than 100 years ago in 1919. It is one of the cities’ oldest and most prestigious institutions of learning for boys. Located in the serene and iconic Westcliff Ridge, The Ridge School has a rich heritage that extends many decades but still manages to be evolving in its vision to give boys the right quality training in both academic and extra-curiculla activities.

6. St John’s College

Established over 120 years in the year 1898, St John’s College is a Christian denominational all-boys high school situated in the city of Johannesburg, Gauteng Province that prides itself in inculcating the right values and religious doctrines in its pupils and students.

While having started as a boys-only institution of higher learning, St John’s College has grown to cater its services to include boys and girls in Nursery all the way to primary and high school. The school has a large pupils and student turn out with about 1,300 learners in its Grade Eight to Grade Twelve academic levels of high school learning.

7. St Stithians College

Founded more than 65 years ago in the year 1953, St Stithians College is a privately-held all-round institution of learning with a strong Methodist background. The school is armed to the teeth with a rich curriculum that handles a wide variety of subjects and programs for pupils and students between Reception levels up until Grades Twelve.

St Stithians College has been rated as one of the most standardized private institutions of learning in the country with a high academic excellence.

8. Assumption Convent School

Assumption Convent School is a Catholic owned school established over 70 years ago in 1946. The school is owned and managed by the Missionary Sister of the Assumption. For over 70 years since its founding, Assumption Convent School has given students the right kind of quality training with rich morale that build young minds into responsible and respectable members of society. As of this writing, the school currently has over 600 students in its enrollment.

9. St. Andrew’s School for Girls

A private all-girls denominational Catholic institution of learning, St Andrew’s School for Girls offers its facilities for both boarding and day. The school records an impressive turn out in girl population with over a 1100 girls in its enrollment.

St Andrew’s School for Girls has received a lot of ratings to include one in academic excellence as well as being the best private school in the city. Currently, the school has expanded facilities for all round learning from Reception levels all the way up to Grades Twelve and continues to strive on its mantra for excellence.

10. Johannesburg Muslim School

Johannesburg Muslim School was founded in 1990 as one of the foremost Islamic institutions of learning. Since its 30 years in operation, the school has continued to give kids the right kind of quality training both academically and for a strong moral background.

Johannesburg Muslim School has a robust curriculum that ensures that each goes through a set well doctored program to fully equip them to become valuable members of society. The learning approach in this school is quite laxed and flexible, allowing kids to express themselves more and be more attuned with their God-given gifts and specialties.

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