Most Expensive Schools In South Africa| Current Fees

Interested in south Africa education? We are going to provide you with information on the most expensive schools in South Africa. South Africa education is widely regarded as the best in the continent and among the best in the world. Lots of people within and outside the continent go to school in South Africa.

After the economic troubles, the South Africa economy experienced in the past year- 2018, parents and students as well should expect a hike in school fees. We will take a look at some of the most expensive schools where the highest prices are paid. As expected, most of these schools are privately owned.

12 Most expensive schools in South Africa 2019

1. Hilton College

The Hilton college in the Kwazulu- Natal midlands remains the most expensive school in the whole country. The annual school fees in the school are approximately R300,000. This fees only allows for boarding.

However, this school is a very prestigious one. Besides the prestige, the facilities are truly world-class. The beautiful grounds and flowers all make the students learning process worthwhile.

Additionally, the fees also cover library, medical and transport for sporting events. The school fees also include basic entertainment meant for learners as well as laundry.

2. ST Martins Johanessburg

This school is situated in Rosttenvile, Johanessburg. The Anglican church owns the school. The school is a co-educational one that tends to the needs of both boarding and day students as well. The school is one of the best in the country. The school is quite expensive with borders required to pay R184,460 yearly. Day students, on the other hand, are asked to pay R71,460 yearly. All student are mandated to pay R12,000 as entrance fee.

3. St Mary School For Girls

The Anglican church also owns this school. Year of the establishment was 1988 by John T. Darragh. A clergyman. The school is the oldest in Johanessburg. The school is co-educational as well. For boarders, the fee is R173,000. For day students, the fee is R92,450. All these fees are paid annually. The entrance into the school is R34,950.

4. Roedean school Houghton, Johanessburg

This school is one of the very few all-girls coeducational institutions that can be classified as expensive in South Africa. Year of establishment is 1903. For boarding students, the annual fees required to attend this school is R181,140. For day students, the required payment is R99,234 annually.

5. MichealHouse Kwazulu – Natal

This school is located in the midlands of the urban town of Kwazulu- Natal. The specific location of this institution is the Balgowan valley. The annual school fees for this institution is R199,000. The entrance fee is R24,000.
Additionally, the school remains one of the few all-boys institutions in the country.

6. St. Alban’s College Lynnwood Glen Pretoria

The school is also owned by the Anglican church like a few others in this list already. Year of establishment is 1963, and the name of its founder is Anton Muray. The school is also co-educational. A day student needs an annual school fee of R102,900. A boarding student, on the other hand, needs to pay a yearly fee of R181,000. The entrance demanded from all students is R55,000.

7. Kearsney College Botha’s Hill, Kwazulu-Natal

If you are looking for notable education for your children as a parent or guardian? This school is one you must consider. It is situated in Botha hills. Year of establishment is 1923. The school is co-educational as well. For boarding students, the stipulated school fees are R181,350. While day student is mandated to pay R121,600. The entrance fee for this school is R17400.

8. St. John Houghton’s Johanessburg

Year of establishment is 1898. The school’s founder is John T. Darrah. The Anglican church owns the school, and it is an all-boys institution. For enrollment, boarding students are mandated to pay annual school fees of R178,523. Day students are mandated to pay R105,760. The entrance fees for both sets of students in this school is R61,348.

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9. The Diocesan College, Rondebosch

The school’s founder is Bishop Robert Gray. He also doubled as the Bishop of Capetown. The institution is located in the urban city of cape town. The school is an all-boys institution. Year of establishment is 1849. Annual school fees for day students is R96,330. Boarding students pay 168,184 annually as well. The entrance fee for all students is R20,000.

10. St. Andrews College, Grahamstown

Is this institution located in Eastern Cape? The school is an all-boys school. Year of the establishment is 1855. This year of establishment makes the school one of the oldest all-boys schools not only in southern Africa but across Africa as well. Most students in the school are boarding students, but there are few day students as well. The school is also owned by the Anglican church like most in this article — the annual school fees R88,950 for every student. Entrance fee is R16,959.

11. Kingswood College

Kingswood college got established in the year 1894. The Methodist Church in South Africa owns the college. The college derived its name from the 18th century Kingswood college in England. The Methodist church also establishes it. The college is located in the suburban town of GGraGrahamstown Eastern Cape. The school is a coeducational mixed college. To enrol in this college, you need school fees in the region of R157,000 as a boarding student. As a day student, you need R89,000 to enrol. The student population in the college is approximately 700.

12. Bridge House school

Bridge house school is located in the Cape Winelands. Year of establishment is 1995. The student, the population, is over 800. The school is a mixed school as well. The school is a coeducational institution. The annual school fees in this school are R94,400.

There you have it. When you want your child to be part of the student community in southern Africa. The school and colleges listed here are among the very best in the country. Your child is guaranteed quality education, which is what every parent and guardian want for their wards.
However, it is essential to note that the fees started here are only for annual tuition. They don’t cover additional expenses such as books. We wish you all the best as you strive to give your children the best of education available.

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