List Of Computer Courses In South Africa

It is essential that student, as well as educationalist, have a comprehensive knowledge of the computer courses before applying or advising their student to study computer science.

Careful consideration of the content of any course prior to selection is key, as course titles may not accurately reflect the content.

It is continually evolving and developing, and degrees are subject to annual review and adaptation, students are advised to look out for new elements and options which may develop during the course. Chartered Institute for IT.

Courses in computer science equip the student with the knowledge and mindset to solve global problems with one of the best inventions mankind has ever made the computer.

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In this article, we hope to assist potential students, as well as education consultants, have an idea of a list of computer science course available.

However, computer classes may differ from one country to another and this would alter how the computer courses will be studied. We will use the Republic of South Africa as a case study.

Computer Courses In South Africa 2019

Below is the list of computer courses you can study as you work for your bachelors in computer science.

If you so desire, some of these courses can be done as certificate courses in computer centers before you proceed to the university.

1. Web and Graphics

All over the world business organisation as well as universities have come to appreciate this computer course because of how essential it is to the growth of their business and the popularity of their school respectively.

With the growth in popularity of the internet and how essential online presence is to businesses worldwide, web and graphics design is becoming a global need.

Web and graphics computer course equips students with the knowledge of programming tools like javascript as well as graphics software like Photoshop, Acrobat alongside others.

2. Software Development

This computer science course gives you the knowledge required to build software applications for mobile phones as well as PCs.

Software programmes like python, database fundamentals, java programmes. This software is essential for the development of computer application which we make use of regularly.

You can do this course as a certificate course in a computer sturdy centre and later apply for an online computer degree in the university in South Africa.

3. Tally Programming

If you have ever thought of the relevance of computer science to accounting and financial sector, the tally would tell you exactly how.

Tally as a computer science course deals with the transfer of financial information.

Tally on its own is an accounting software programme. Tally as a course in computer science arms its student with the knowledge of this software which is extremely beneficial to business organisations all over the world as it ensures that financial records which proper documentation are vital to the survival of these businesses is well documented.

Tally is used by big businesses as well as government agencies for the safety of essential financial data.

Studying this computer course can get you employed in no time at any government firm or even the private sector.

4. CyberSecurity

The emergence of the internet and cyberspace has become both a blessing and a curse. It is so easy to use the cyberspace for information and at the same time.

It can be used to commit various crimes ranging from financial to blackmail and even security threats.

Cybersecurity as a course in computer science equips the student with the knowledge of how to prevent cybersecurity threats and attacks against people who use the cyberspace.

At the completion of this computer course, you can become a cybersecurity expert with knowledge in ethical hacking.

Companies and business organisations are constantly on the lookout for the best brains in the cyber security business.

This is because the rate of cyber fraud is on the high side and fraudsters keep getting smarter on new ways to commit fraud.

5. Animation And Visual Art

This computer course is concerned, with equipping student with a skill like 3D technology, graphics and animation.

Globally, these skills are in high demands. Business organisations, as well as the movie industry, have over the years recognised the vitality of this course.

3D technology is used for adverts and in movies as well. Animated movies generate billions of dollars every year hence the constant lookout for a graduate of this computer course.

You can even work as a freelancer and there would not be a shortage of jobs for you.

6. Computer Networking

Computer networking is an aspect of computer science that is concerned with the way computers communicate with themselves.

It brings together other areas of computer science such as computer engineering, information technology and computer science.

Subtopics in this computer science course include local area network(Lan), wide area network ( WAN). This course is in high demand all over the world.

7. Database Administration

This computer science course is interested in the management of the database system.

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It is basically interested in processes such as configuration, installation and maintenance of a data system to forestall data loss.

Database professionals basically developer database, create access and ensure the smooth operation of the data system as well as restore data and create back up.

This computer course can also lead to time employment for graduates.

8. Computer Forensics

If you have ever wondered how computer science can be used for the purpose of the law. This computer science course is the perfect marriage between the computer and the law.

This course in computer science deals with the preservation of computer data and information for the purpose of a criminal investigation.

This course is relatively new but its popularity is growing speedily.
As a student going into the computer science field is a very rewarding field.

Recent studies have shown that computer science sturdy is crucial to the economy of any country.

The growth and the use of the internet have made it fundamentally important that computer science courses are important for the growth of the economy as well as the survival of various business organisations as well. Whether they are private or public.

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