Top 8 Best High Schools in Midrand 2021

A lot of parents are typically accosted with the issue of what schools to enroll their kids in. This is all prevalent in all levels of academic learning all the way from nursery, primary up to high school.

This common problem stems from the need to give their kids the best education possible in order for them to get a great start in life.

For the parent and guardian who are searching for the best high schools in Midrand to enroll your kids in, this article is designed just for you.

We recognize that a great foundation is very important for the development of children especially those of high school ages, and the schools that you end up sending your kids too plays a huge role in it.

There are a lot of poor quality schools around the city and we are wary of this type of setup and in order not get misled into enrolling your kids into such schools, we did a thorough research to come up with eight best high schools in the city of Midrand to narrow down your options and help you make the best decisions. 

We are of the believe that with these ten schools listed below, you should not find it too hard coming up with the best pick.

Top 8 High Schools In Midrand

1. Poplar Academy

Poplar Academy is a private-owned multi dynamic educational center with the most serene learning environment that boosts of moderate class sizes of not more than fifteen students which assures of a great teacher to student ratio.

Pupils and students are given the most care and attention and the schools prides itself in striving for excellence in every of their program both in  the class and extra curricula activities.

Students of high school level in Poplar Academy are afforded the rare opportunity to sit for Cambridge (IGCSE + AS Level) school leaver’s qualifications, which ultimately makes the school highly sought after by parents and wards who understand the value of quality and are willing to go to great lengths to get it.

Currently, Poplar Academy offers its exclusive services to pupils and students between the Reception to Grades Twelve levels of academic learning.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 39 Whisken Ave, Crowthorne, Midrand, Johannesburg, south Africa 1684
  • Phone Number: 010 591 2291
  • Services: Reception to Grades Twelve
  • Web Address:

2. Blue Hills Schools

Blue Hills Schools is one the best private high schools in the city of Midrand. The school is split in two stages to includes it Blue Hills College and Preparatory School. 

Blue Hills Schools currently houses all levels of learners from Reception levels all the way up to Grades Twelve. It offers both and boarding facilities for its students in high school levels.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 16 Village Road Blue Hills A.H. Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Services: Reception to Grades Twelve
  • Phone Number: 011 318 7955
  • Web Address:

3. Gallagher Combine School

Gallagher Combined Group of School is a private institution of learning that caters to pupls and students in the Reception to Grade Twelve levels of academic learning.

At Gallagher Combine School, a great emphasis is placed on attention to detail with small class sizes that allow for a moderate pupil/student to teacher ratio, which is why they stop at nothing to give every child the right amount of attention believing that every kid is special and has something to offer only if the proper measure of patience is exercised.

As a result of this kind of learning approach, Gallagher Combine School produces some of the best minds in the city and district at large.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 537 Lupton Drive, Halfway House, Midrand, South Africa 1685
  • Services: Reception to Grades Twelve
  • Phone Number: 082 552 9696
  • Web Address:

 4. Summerhill School

Summerhill School is a standard multi-faceted institution of higher learning. It currently caters its services to pupils and students from Reception all the way up to high school levels.

Summerhill School has continued to maintain a high record in the city of Midrand boosting up a high level turn out of parents and guardians looking to enroll their children into its exclusive preparatory programs for kids within the Nursery to Grade Seven age range.

At Summerhill School, kids are assured of proper grooming to ensure they are integrated as responsible members of society upon graduation.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 8th and 10th Rds, Erand, Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 1685
  • Services: Reception to Grades Twelve
  • Telephone: 011 468 1414
  • Web Addrss:

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5. Carlswald House Preparatory

An international school per excellence, Carlswald House Preparatory is a solid Cambridge standard internationally recognized school that offers the best in quality education for both preparatory levels all the way to high school.

The school incorporates a premium approach to learning with great programs all geared towards exclusive grooming of pupils and students.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 82 Lyncon Road, Midrand, 1684
  • Services: Reception to Grade Twelve
  • Phone Number: 011 029 0802
  • Web Address:

6. Midrand High School

This school stands out as one of the best private high schools in the city of Midrand. At Midrand High School, students are assured of quality learning that beats many of its contemporaries anywhere in the city and beyond.

The school was founded in 1993 with just a little over 70 students and grown to a large reputed number over the years. With more than 25 years of existence, Midrand High School has insisted on a high standard and continued to be recognized for its excellence.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 3rd Road, Halfway Garden, Johannesburg, 2000
  • Services: Grade Eight to Twelve
  • Telephone: 011 315 0676
  • Web Adress:

7. Curro Midland

Curro Midrand is one the most outstanding high schools in the city of Midrand.

It is a privately owned all-round institution of higher learning that has a wide syllabus with rich class and after school programs to prepare kids for live outside of school.

At Curro Midland, parents are assured that their children and ward are given the right attention which is why the school continues to be sought after by parents who understand the value of quality education.

Curro Midrand currently offers its services to include both nursery, primary and secondary and has 5 different to accommodate these levels of learning.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 48 Harry Galaun Dri., Halfway House, Midrand
  • Services: Reception to Grades Twelve
  • Phone Number: 087 232 1383
  • Website:

8. SPARK School Midland

Standing out as one of the really great schools in the city, SPARK Schools is large collection of quality privately held schools that offers the best in really affordable, premium learning.

The school offers its services for children in nursery, primary and secondary levels of academic learning.

Currently the schools boost of a gigantic number of over 10000 pupils and students scattered around its branches in the Midrand and the Gauteng district.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 1 Sturdee Avenue Rosebank Johannesburg, 2196
  • Services: Reception to Grade Twelve
  • Phone Number: +27 (0) 10 125 0600
  • Web Address:

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