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Are you interested in becoming an engineer? Engineers are the builders of society. We are going to provide you with a list of engineering and technology courses for you to study at the university in the fall.

Engineering is a top career in the world, and it is known to be one of the most rewarding careers in the world. Engineering is broad which houses a wide range of course which combines sciences, mathematics, and technology. Engineers are trained to handle world technology challenges.

In this guide, we are going to provide a list of courses in engineering and technology as well as a summary of each course.

Top 7 courses in engineering

1. Aerospace or Aeronautical engineering

Here is an engineering course that deals with the design, research, development, construction as well as the science and technology of aircraft or airplanes.

Aeronautics engineering focuses on spacecraft and the deep sturdy of space conditions. A graduate of aerospace or aeronautics engineering would specialize in aeroelasticity, aerodynamics, the structure of aircrafts materials and propulsion and analysis as well as avionics.

This particular engineering course is suited to students who are interested in the following

  • The mechanism associated with air travel.
  • How aircraft perform under severe or extreme conditions
  • In the history and method of developments of airplanes from its inception to date.

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The difference between aeronautic engineering and aerospace engineering is, aerospace is about the aircraft that travel to space or outside the atmosphere.

Aeronautic, on the other hand, refers to aircraft that are within the earth surface. The two words are used interchangeably, but they are not quite the same as we have seen here.

2. Biomedical Engineering

This course combines the knowledge of medicine and biology in the engineering field. This course is the bridge between medicine and engineering.

A biomedical engineer uses his design talent to advance the course of healthcare treatment by designing medical equipment.

They create and maintain various medical device and equipment such as MRI machines, EKGs, and X-rays. Doctors use this device and equipment to diagnose, treat, and address the health challenges of their patients.

This is a developing part of engineering, but it is also highly challenging and gratifying. This course is made for those who have an interest in medicine and biology but has good knowledge of mathematics and technology.

3. Civil Engineering

Here is a course that focuses on the development of infrastructure. Civil engineers design, build and repair buildings, roads, bridges, and railways. Civil engineers can work privately in their own company or work in the public sector for the government.

Civil engineering is one of the earliest course in engineering known to man. Hence, it is a full course with specialties in structural or architectural, environmental engineering. The course is for those who are interested in

  • Construction
  • Development of infrastructure and design
  • Environment.

4. Chemical engineering

This engineering course deals with the use of chemical and biological knowledge to produce essential chemicals and materials such as fertilizers and acids as well as salt for domestic and industrial use.

This course combines both natural sciences like chemistry and physics with life sciences like biochemistry and microbiology and mathematics to enhance its study.

Hence it is called a multidisciplinary curriculum. A graduate of chemical engineering would specialize in reactions that are chemical such as plant design, chemical process, both natural and human-made, among others. For a person who has the following qualities

  • Analytical mind
  • Have an interest in chemical processes
  • Have a passion for the study of chemistry and engineering.

5. Computer engineering

Since the discovery of computer, life has become much better for humans around the globe. Computer engineering is an engineering course that focuses on the design and building of computers both the hardware ( physical part) and the software aspect of the computer.

Computer engineering combines the knowledge of electrical engineering with that of computer science. The career opportunities in computer engineering often overlap with that of computer science.

This course would be suitable for a person who has an interest in the following

  • A career in computer science with a specific interest in computer software
  • The study of mathematics and computer and want to have an in-depth knowledge of how a computer works at the physical level.
  • Have a passion for computer software and wants to develop better ones. As a graduate of computer science, you can specialize in areas like computer network programming, computer hardware design, among others.

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6. Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering deals with the study of energy. Energy exists in the forms of electrical, hydro, and natural resources. The natural resources here are wind and solar.
Electrical engineering designs and develops technologies for the application of these forms of energy.

Electrical engineers design and build components of electronic devices, power grid and automobiles as well. If you have an interest in electronic devices and their mechanism, this course is meant for you. It also a highly rewarding course with lots of employment opportunities.

7. Mechanical engineering

One of the earliest courses in engineering and highly broad also. Mechanical engineering focuses on the design, manufacturing as well as maintenance of mechanical systems such as engines.

Here you would study fluid analysis, stress analysis, design of mechanical systems, and technical drawing, among other things. Specialties in mechanical engineering include manufacturing of engines, robotics, design, and building of transport systems and combustion.

However, mechanical engineering is a broad course, so often the specialties overlap with other courses in engineering. For example, a graduate of mechanical engineering can also work with aircraft just like a person who specializes in aerospace engineering as well.

Furthermore, for you to study this course, you should have the following qualities

  • You are interested in building and developing mechanical technologies either as an individual or in a group
  • You love working on mechanical devices or had an interest in aeronautical engineering.
  • Have a desire to work in artificial intelligence.

Engineering is a highly competitive, challenging, but respected, and rewarding career. The list here contains most of the required courses in the engineering field. We wish you all the best as you pursue your dream of becoming an engineer.

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