Top 5 Best Boarding schools in Pretoria

So you’re thinking of moving to Pretoria with your family. You are wondering which boarding school in Pretoria I can send my child? Don’t worry too much we are here to help. You might also have heard of the high-quality education in South Africa, and you want to send your child to a boarding school there.

There is no better place in South Africa to send your child or ward to than the capital city of Pretoria. Boarding schools in Pretoria are among the best not only in South Africa but, across the African continent.

The list of boarding schools we shall provide to you through this article would include the best boarding facilities in the capital city of Pretoria currently. Our directory is comprehensive — a product of intense research and unbiased. The aim is to provide you with credible information about these boarding schools in Pretoria.

Here is our comprehensive list of top boarding schools in Pretoria

1. Pretoria High School For Girls

Pretoria high school for girls, the current location is in Gauteng, Pretoria. The school is a publicly owned institution. The unique thing about this school is the emphasis laid on education and serene environment.

The reason for these emphases is to facilitate the realization of student potentials. The boarding facilities within the school are among the best in the country and even on the continent. The school is among the best boarding schools in the world for girls.

2. St. Alban’s college

St. Alban’s College is in Lyn-wood Glen, Pretoria. When you get to this school, the first you would notice is the positive environment. The welcoming feeling the environment oozes makes you feel make the school a home away from home. The high-quality education provided in the school encourages peer-to-peer student as well as teacher-student learning programs.

These plans aim to ensure that all student are catered to adequately. To ensure no student lags. The school is a boarding institution with the option of day school for those who don’t want their children to be in the boarding facility.

3. Wood hill college

For any parent or guardian who desires their children or wards to study in a perfect environment that aids the development of children in an ideal way, this school is for you. Woodhill is among the world’s best boarding facilities.

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The school location is in De Villebois Mareull Drive, Pretoria. Every student here is treated with respect and dignity. There are labs to enhance the sturdy and development of scientific ideas in the students. These laboratories include life science labs, physical science labs. There are other facilities like computer centres art studios and, libraries.

4. Waldorf school at Rosemary Hill

Here is a school that you and your child would never regret coming in contact with or knowing. This school uses educational methods and principles that enhance quality education and character that would the students’ worthy citizens of any society they find themselves. As a boarding student at this school, you would enjoy the beautiful scenery. The scenery here is safe, friendly and caring. All these qualities would ensure that the students’ lives have a positive impact.

5. Waterkloof primary school

If you are searching for a primary school for your child in the city of Pretoria, search no more. Waterkloof is an institution that ensures the student is in a lively and healthy environment.

The aim is to provide a student with a conducive environment for learning. Waterkloof vision is to produce students that are intellectual and emotional balanced. This student would be worthy ambassadors of their country.

For those who desire their child attend private schools in the city of Pretoria, we have the list for you too.

Pretoria Technical school

For children who have the desire or passion for science and technology-related courses such as engineering, this school is for you. The school offers you a friendly, relaxed and quiet environment.

This environment makes the ideal school environment for learning. The school is vocational – based so the student is taught to develop various skills that would be useful to them in the future. The school is in Arcadia, Pretoria.

Here is the list of private boarding schools in the City of Pretoria.

1. Hatfield Christian school

The school is intuitive of the Hatfield church.located in Waterkloof Glen, Pretoria. The school being Christian, Christian virtues are in high esteem. The school way to encourage the development of these Christian virtues in their students, equip each one with a bible.

In addition to this, the school provides a serene environment for learning. Furthermore, their fees are structured in such a way to facilitate secure payments by parents or guardians.

2. Dansa international college

Dansa International is in central Pretoria. The school gives your children the best education they can get anywhere. The schools provide this in a friendly and healthy environment. The type of situation children needs for development. The development here is intelligence and character to stand out among his peers anywhere in the globe.

3. St. Mary’s school for girls

This school is among the world best boarding schools dedicated exclusively to girl’s education and training. St. Mary is the initiative of the Anglican church in South Africa. St. Mary’s is located in Hillcrest, Pretoria. This school is a place your girl child would never regret going. Quality education and development of societally acceptable character are the top priority here.

3. Ed- u – college

Here is another top-class private school situated in the technology-related. Ed-u location in Pretoria central. The facilities, as well as the environment in this school, is nothing short of top class.

4. Royal school Queens

Royal school Queens is a private school situated in Nkosi street, west Pretoria. The school is perfect for your child education and development.

We have provided you with the list of boarding school in Pretoria. We wish you all the best as you strive to give your children the best education you can afford.


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