Top 10 Boarding Schools In Gauteng |Johannesburg 2021

So you are interested in moving to South Africa. It is usual for you to be concerned about your children education and schools you can send them to study. You don’t have to worry anymore because we will help you get an idea of the best boarding schools in Johanessburg, Gauteng Province.

Johannesburg is South Africa largest city and one of the most popular one in the country. Boarding schools in Johannesburg are among the world’s best. Sending your child to study at any of the boarding schools in Johannesburg is allowing them to get the best education money can buy.

Though there are day schools in Johannesburg, we are interested in the boarding ones. Boarding students have certain advantages over day ones: There are less distracted from their studies because of the rules and regulations in the boarding school, which is not the case for day students.

Access to reading material is higher for boarding students than day ones. The reason has been that boarding students have more access to the school library during prep time when day students have already gone home.

Here is our list of boarding schools in Johannesburg.

1. King Edward vii school

King Edward vii school is a public boarding institution located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Year of establishment is 1902. The school is an all-boys institution with a current population of over 1000. This school is among the best schools in the country and on the continent. This school is one place you would never regret sending your child to study.

The facilities in the institution are in the top-class state. The school also has a preparatory school with a population of over 1000 as well. The annual fee for this citadel of learning is R56,000.

2. St. John’s college

The St. John’s College came into existence through the Anglican church in 1898. The school’s current location is Houghton, Johannesburg, South Africa. The current population is over 1300 students. The annual school paid for a student here is R27,000.

3. Parktown boy’s high school

Park town high school is a public high school located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Year of establishment is 1923. The current school population is at over 800 pupils, all boys.

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4. St. Andrew’s school for girls

The St. Andrew’s school for girls was established in 1902. The school is a private boarding institution. The facility in this institution is top quality. If you decide to send your little girl to this institution, you would be glad you did. The current school population is above 1000, all girls. This great institution’s current location is Bedfordview, Johannesburg.

5. St. Stithians college

This school is a product of the Methodist church in Johanessburg. The school year of the establishment was 1953. The boarding facilities are perfect for a child learning process. The current school population is above 1300. This number includes both boys and girls. If your child is a student of this institution, you can be assured they are getting the best education among their peers anywhere in the world.

6. Jeppe high school for boys

This is a public boarding school for boys. The high school is located in Kensington, Johannesburg. The institution was established in 1890. This year of establishment makes the school one of the oldest institution of learning in Africa.

However, the facilities in this school are not like that of a former high school. The facilities are of the highest quality. The current population is above 900 students. The fees for this institution is R40,000 annually. A boy in this institution would get the kind of education that would make him stand out anywhere in the world.

7. Helpmekaar college

This school is the first Afrikaans school in Johanessburg. The came into existence 1921. The reason for the school establishment was parents wanted their students to have an alternative to English schools. The current population is over 1000.
If you want your child to go to an alternative school separate from the English ones, this school is your best choice. With excellent facilities and screen environment, your child has the ideal setting for their studies.

8. Northcliff high school

Northcliff high school is situated in Northcliff, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. This school is co-educational( boys and girls). When you enroll your child in this school, be assured you are getting value for your money with the quality of education your child is getting.

9. Greenside High school

Greenside high school is a public boarding school. The school is a coeducational institution. Year of establishment is 1961. The school boast of top-class facilities. The school expanded its swim pool in 2014. The facilities here are made to make the students feel comfortable. There are sufficient extra-curricular activities to ensure the proper development of a child. The balancing of academic work with ample extracurricular activities would put the student’s progress on the same level as their peers around the world.

10. Bryanston High school

Bryanston high school located in Bryanston, Johannesburg is a public school. The school’s year of the establishment was 1968. The school is a co-educational institution. This institution is also among the best in South Africa. Students of this great institution are taught with state- of -the -art equipment.

The reason for the use of this equipment is to make sure that the students get value for the money their parents paid in the form of school fees. Students of Bryanston High are exposed to the highest way of learning available to students all over the world. The knowledge obtained from this school is as good as any that can be gotten anywhere else in the world.

We have come to the end of our list for those who are in search of boarding schools in Johannesburg- both public and private-owned. We have provided you with a comprehensive list of the high schools in Johannesburg. We wish you all the best as you strive to fulfill one of your necessary child needs — the need for quality education. Good luck.


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