The province of Gauteng is lush with a plethora of really great technical schools. These schools have raised some of the best minds in the province and even the country at large. If you reside in Gauteng and you in search for a great technical college to enroll in, this article is for you. We have outlined 10 best TVET colleges in Gauteng to help in your search, having recognized that people have a hard time making a great pick of good technical schools.

Aside being in a dilemma, the challenges of work and nature of your business can deprive you of the time and energy to go out and scout for one. These reasons and many more are why we have taken the time to make this compilation to ease you of the stress. Have in mind that this list is in no particular order. It was borne out of several factors that make them stand out of the pack. Follow along now!

1. Johannesburg City College

At Johannesburg City College, students are assured of very low cost to encourage students to get basic quality technical training is many disciplines. The goal at this school is to have an impact on less privileged communities without access to education, to aid them in achieving just as much as their counterparts in more privileged places. The school has outside partnership from Manchester University College and St. Michaels Foundation of the USA.

These schools offer solid backing with very rich curriculum to aid students in getting the very best in balanced education from the ground up. At Johannesburg City College, students are allowed to specialize in whatever field they choose. This narrowed focus enabled them thrive better than most in any market space they find themselves in upon graduation.

For more information, please visit: http://www.johannesburgcitycollege.co.za

2. Oval International

Oval International is a premium TVET college that offer the very best in technical training.. Its main vision is to equip students with the right technical education with which they use to create a career for themselves upon graduation.

Courses offered at Oval International are accredited by the relevant educational; bodies in South Africa. Oval International has some of the best qualified and highly professional teachers and lecturers in the technical space, which is why students from far and wide flock in to gain from the wealth of knowledge this school has in stall.  

For more information, please visit: http://www.myoval.co.za

3. Rosebank College

Rosebank College is one of the many great technical colleges in Gauteng. It is popular for raising students on a strong foundation of excellence using cutting-edge learning tools to prepare them for the future. The list of courses offered in Rosebank college are all accredited by relevant bodies and are geared towards a strong focus on technology.

The school has a number of campuses scattered all over the country to include Pretoria, Durban, Aukland, Braamfontein to name a few. Students have the opportunity to learn at these satellite campuses at their leisure. At Roseland College,  students are awarded with various degrees, certificates and higher diplomas upon completion of their programs.

For more information, please visit: http://rosebankcollege.co.za

4. Boston City Campus & Business College

Boston City Campus & Business College has some of the best training grounds in the whole of Gauteng. They offer students with a robust curriculum that are highly adapted for an advanced world and meet industry standards. Students at Boston City Campus & Business College are better equipped to face modern day challenges and are taught to adapt quite well with whatever terrians they find themselves in.

It is one of South Africa’s premium colleges of higher learning, which is why students flock in from far and wide to gain from the fountain of knowledge that is Boston City Campus & Business College.

For more information, please visit: http://www.boston.co.za

5. St Kings College Braamfontein

St Kings College Braamfontein offers students with the best training in many crafts and vocations, and awards its students with diplomas, degrees and higher certificates upon graduation. The main vision at this school is aimed at preparing students for a career of excellence while equipping them with the necessary tools to face the challenges of the labor market.

Because of the unique skills gained at St Kings College Braamfontein, graduates don’t have challenges getting jobs after they graduate. This is one of the many reasons that make this school stand out.

For more information, please visit: http://www.stkingsinstitute.co.za/

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6. Phoenix College

Phoenix College is located at Braamfontein in the Gauteng province. As one of the premium technical colleges in the province, Phoenix College prides itself in offering some of the best training to students in many crafts and vocations, which is what makes this school stand out. At Phoenix college, students aree taught to be self-reliant and enterpreneural in spirit and labor.

Students upon graduation go out and thrive in whatever field they specialize in. The curriculum and tutor-base is second to none and students never have a hard time adjusting to this solid training ground which is quite adapted to building tough artisans and future technocrats. 

For more information, please visit: https://www.phoenixcollege.co.za/

7. Keyboards Secretarial & Business College 

For those who aim to get high in the administrative ladder, this school is a sure bet. At Keyboards Secretarial & Business College, students are giving the best training in both secretarial administration and business management.

The curriculum here is well adapted for training for receptionist and front desk knowledge, which is to say, the training gotten here is to give students all round training in technical, administrative and basic office etiquettes to get them ready for the corporate world.

For more information, please visit: http://www.keyboards.co.za/

8. College for Business & Maritime Studies

At College for Business & Maritime Studies, students are assured of quality training in both maritime and business. The school is a career-center institution that prepares students for a career in the maritime space.

Using cutting edge tools and advanced training equipments, students are exposed to quality hands-on training in logistics, transport management, supply-chain management, and freight lifting and management etc. The institution is based in the Braamfontein area of Johannesburg.

For more information, please visit: www.cbmstrust.co.za

9. Dumberton College

Dumberton College is a premium training ground for students looking to get into the technical space. Students who attend this college are best suited for a world of vocation and hands-on crafts. Students who graduate from this college go on to thrive in whatever vocation they find themselves in which is why the school is the toast to the both the high and low of Gauteng Province when it comes to technical training, which they regard as the foundational building blocks of a strong society.

The curriculum here is second to none and the vision is aimed at impacting an all-round balanced education to its students.

10. Universal College Outcomes

This school has one of the best curriculum when it comes to technical training. It also has some of the most qualified trainers who place a high focus on preparing students for a rough labor market that absorbs only the most qualified. University College Outcomes has been able to achieve this through a student-centered approach which makes sure that each student is not only getting trained but participating in a specialized training makes use of advanced technological tools and practicals.

University College Outcomes has one of the most sophisticated training tools and places the utmost emphasis on simulation to equip students with a first-hand feel of what to expect after they graduate.

For more information, please visit: http://www.uco.co.za

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