Best Private Universities In South Africa 2021

It is common knowledge that getting a university degree arms one with extra privileges upon which he or she can build a career or profession. However, where one chooses to get a university education is also very crucial and also contributes to the overall success of the individual.

While studying in a public university is still a very good choice, there are certain pecks that come with going to a private university. These pecks include but are not limited to a balanced student-to faculty-ratio, uninterrupted learning free of occasional strikes, ability to specialize and a close-knit community that allows for productive interaction and innovation amongst students.

In South Africa currently, there are more than 35 private universities that offer a plethora of courses in as many disciplines as possible. This offers students with a lot of ideal options to pick from and specialize.

Thus in this article, we are going to be sharing ten best private universities in South Africa to narrow down your search for the best of the best when trying to pick a private university to attend.

Top 10 Best Private Universities In South Africa

1. Varsity College

Varsity College was founded in 1991 as one of the many great private colleges in the country. The school is owned and managed by The Independent Institute of Education (IIE) and operates from 8 different campuses located in major cities around the country. Varsity College offers many undergraduate programs, certificate courses, postgraduate diplomas and part-time learning programs.

The school currently has four main faculties to include Faculty of Information & Communications Technology, Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities.

2. Cornerstone Institute

Founded as a non-profit private institution of higher learning in 1970, Cornerstone Institute offers a wide array of degree and certification programs and is currently one of the great private universities in the country. It also has a lot of campuses spread out across major cities in the country.

Cornerstone institute awards diploma certificates, undergraduate and  postgraduate degrees from faculties such as Business Studies, Education, Media Studies, Sociology, and Community Development etc.

They also have a robust e-learning platform that offer an array of part-time to full-time online courses.

3. Damelin College

Damelin College is an old private higher institution owned and managed by The Education Investment Corporation Limited (Educor). The college offers a lot of undergraduate programs, diplomas as well as other degree programs. Damelin however remains a college as a result of the Federal Government’s imposed restrictions on the establishment of tertiary institutions. The school is accredited by Umalusi, one of the highest and most recognized accreditation bodies in South Africa.

Aside physical learning, Damelin College also offers online schooling as part of its distance learning program. The distance learning program are held in 17 different campus scattered across  the country to include Cape Town, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Vaal, just to name a few.

4. Monash South Africa

MSA started out as a branch of the now-defunct Monash University in Australia before it was repossessed by The Independent Institute of Education (IIE), changing its name to IIE MSA. The school is located in the Gauteng district of Johannesburg and currently has more than 4000 under its enrolment.

All programs and undergraduate and postgraduate degrees offered in the IIE MSA are all accredited by the British Accreditation Council. The school currently has four faculties to include the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Business, Health and Social Sciences.

5. Foundation for Professional Development

Founded about 23 years ago in 1997, The Foundation for Professional Development has grown sporadically to have graduated more than 400,000 since its inception. It stands out as one of the largest private higher institutions of learning in the country.

The school has a reputation for offering very affordable tuition rates to postgraduate students. FPD currently has one campus and offers a great number of professional programs and courses for students in its six faculties to include School of Education, School of Health Sciences, Business School, School of Occupational Health, Nursing School, and School of Information Technology. Together with a robust learning program, the school also offers online courses on its e-learning platform.

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6. Helderberg College of Higher Education

HCHE stands as one the oldest and most prestigious colleges in the country. It is a Christian denominational owned college of higher learning founded and managed by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

All programs and degrees offered at the Helderberg College of Higher Education have been accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE). Although the school has a strong religious background, it is not a religious institution. HCHE currently has three main faculties: Theology, Business and Arts. These faculties all offer Bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, and certificate programs.

7. Pearson Institute of Higher Education

Known formerly as the Midrand Graduate Institute, the school changed its name to Pearson Institute of Higher Education after it was acquired by Pearson Education. PIHE currently has 12 campus spread around major cities in the country to include Pretoria, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London just to mention a few.

The school is accredited by a lot of educational bodies to include the Council of Higher Education (CHE) and currently offers a host of undergraduate programs, higher certificates, diplomas as well as other degree programs. PIHE also offers part time online programs.

8. Vega School

Founded in 1999 as a premium institution of higher learning, Vega School is owned and managed by IIE. It is one of the many great private colleges in the country with top accreditations by its parent body, IIE and the British Accreditation Council

Vega School currently has four major campuses in Durban, CapeTown, Johannesburg and Pretoria. The school offers a wide array of programs and certificate courses in business administration, arts and marketing to match their vision/motto Design.Brand.Business.”

9. CTU Training Solutions

Started in 1987 as one of the premium private training institutes for professionals, CTU is currently sought after for many programs and certifications. The school is divided into four division including The Career Division that specializes in 1 – 3 years full-time programs, the Corporate Division providing training for corporate individuals, Part-Time short courses as well as some skills development programs. CTU is accredited by the Media, Information, and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority (MICT SETA).

Spread across 14 different campuses, the school has specialties in Engineering, IT, Business, Arts and Social Sciences.

10. Qualitas Career Academy

Qualitas Career Academy was founded in 2008 with the mission to provide quality training for students in high flying professional endeavors. The school currently has accreditations from one of the highest accreditation bodies in the country, Umalusi as well as others.

The academy offers part-time and full-time courses in its Business & Technology Academy, School of Architectural Draughtsmanship, Hair Academy, Construction, Health Academy, and Wellness Academy.

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