10 Best Private Schools In Durban in 2021

It is the dream of every parent or guardian that their kids or wards attain the highest level in personal and professional achievement in life, and it is for this singular reason that parents strive to give their kids best start in life–and by “start,” we mean a sound quality education.

This will also imply that the right education is the instrumental to the foundational building blocks of every child. So because of this, you are a parent in search of one of the best private schools in Durban to enroll your child in, and you just don’t know how to go about it, partly because you just don’t have the luxury of time in between your career, job or business to go about scooting for a superb school for your ward or you do not have the wherewithal to even know where and what to start with. 

Well, you are not alone in this pickle. A lot of parents find themselves stuck with picking great schools for their kids. This is due in part to the number of bad schools around measuring up to good ones making their choices difficult. 

Considering this, we recognize the prevailing dilemma and have carefully considered a lot of factors such as facilities, ratings, staff strength, syllabus, curriculum and after-class programs to come up with only the best options in private education in the city of Durban.

Hence in this article, we will outlining ten best private schools in Durban to make your selection easier and also one that suits your time and convenience.

Top 10 Best Private Schools In Durban

1. St Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls

St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls is an all-girls private learning institution that offers both day and boarding facilities for its students. In Durban, the boarding facilities are only available to girls in secondary level. St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls caters its services to pupils and students between the Reception to grades twelve level.

Contact Info:

  •  Location: 30 St Marys Rd, Kloof, Durban, South Africa 3640
  • Services: Reception to Grade Twelve
  • Telephone: +27 12 366 0500
  • Web Address: stmarysdsg.co.za

2. St James Durban

A denomination learning institution, St James Durban is a privately owned multi-dynamic mixed school that offers its services to both boys and girl between the grades one to grades seven level of academic learning.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 130 Mathews Meyiwa Rd, Greyville, Durban, South africa 4001
  • Services: Grades One to Grades twelve
  • Phone Number: 031 309 7013
  • Web Address: stjamesdurban.com

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3. Thomas More College

If you were to consider a learning institution that offers the highest moral value and strives to instill the best character and shape its pupils and students into useful, well-groomed, functioning members of society, Thomas More College is the sure bet.

This school is a Christian owned all-round level learning institution with facilities for pupils and students from pre primary all the way to Grade twelve. The Thomas More College accommodates over a thousand pupils and students in its enrollment.

Contact Info:

  •  Location: No 15 Sykes Rd, Kloof, Durban South Africa 3640
  • Services: Grade 000 to Grades Twelve
  • Phone Number: +27 31 764 8640
  • Web Address: thomasmore.co.za

4. Crawford College Durban

Started 20 years with just a handful of pupils, Crawford College, a privately owned learning institution has grown to have over 600 pupils and students enrolled into its grades 000 to grades twelve academic program.

Contact Info:

  •  Location: 79 Armstrong Avenue La Lucia, Durban, South Africa 4051
  • Services: Grades 000 to Grades Twelve
  • Phone Number: (031) 562-0050
  • Web Address: crawfordschools.co.za

5. St. Henry’s Marist College

Founded about 90 years ago in the year 1929, St. Henry’s Marist College is a privately owned multi-dynamic educational center operated by a Catholic denominational body. St. Henry’s Marist College provides its services to over 750 pupils and students between Grades 000 up unto Grades twelve.

The school in its 90 year of operation has achieved a track record of excellence in academics, values, and other after-school programs.

Contact Info:

  •  Location: 210 Mazisi Kunene Rd, Glenwood, Durban South Africa
  • Services: Grades 000 to grade Twelve
  •  Phone Number: +27 31 261 7369
  • Web Address: sthenrys.co.za

6. Kearsney College

Established almost 100 years ago in the year 1921, Kearsney College is a full boarding boys-only private secondary school that offers its services to students between the Grades Eight up until Grades twelve level. Currently Kearsney College has over 600 students enrolled into its admission books.

Contact Info:

  •  Location: 25 Old Main Rd, Botha’s Hill, KwaZulu-Natal Durban, South Africa
  • Services: Grades Eight to Grades Twelve
  • Phone Number: +27 31 765 9600
  • Web Address: kearsney.com/college

7. Durban Girls’ College

Talking about fantastic schools in the city of Durban, Durban Girls’ College is what immediately comes to mind. Durban Girls’ College is an all-girls private secondary school that is well equipped with a day and boarding facilities for its students.

The school offers an all-round basic education for pupils in primary all the way to secondary with over 800 pupils and students in its enrollment.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 586 Musgrave Road, Essenwood, Durban, South Africa  4001
  • Services: Grades 000 to Grades twelve
  • Telephone: +27312687200
  • Web Address: dgc.co.za

8. Maris Stella School

Established for girls only between the ages of three to eighteen years, Maris Stella School is an around-learning educational institution that is run by privately by a Catholic denominational body whose primary aim is to raise girl children from toddler up until their late teens, instilling the right value into them, having recognized that this age range is the most delicate time in the life of every girl child.

Contact Info:

  •  Location: 558 Stephen Dlamini Rd, Essenwood, Durban, 4001
  • Services: Grades 000 to Grades Twelve
  • Phone Number: 031 2099426
  • Web Address: marisstella.co.za

9. Eden College Durban

Eden College Durban is an all-round level private institution that handles students from the nursery, primary all the way to secondary. It is a multi-dynamic school with a curriculum that handles a vast array of subjects and other after-class and after-school programs. Currently, the school caters its services from Grade 000 all the way to grade twelve.

Contact Info:

  • Location: Dan Pienaar Rd and Wanless Rd, Glenwood, Durban,  South Africa 4001
  • Services: Grade 000 to Grade Twelve
  • Phone Number: 031 205 3357
  •  Web Address: edenschools.co.za/durban-home

10. Clifton School

The Clifton School is an all-round boys-only learning center in the city of Durban. It only has facilities for day students in its secondary school and offers its services from nursery all the way to Grade twelve learning.

Contact Info:

  •  Location: 102 Lambert Road Morningside, Durban, South Africa 4001
  • Services: Reception to Grade Twelve
  • Telephone: +27 31 312 2147
  • Website: cliftonschool.co.za

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