Best Primary Schools In Pretoria | Top 8 in 2021

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It is the dream, hope, and aspiration of every parent that they can provide only the best in life for their kids. This dream also encompasses the need to giving their kids the very best education in as possible. While access to formal and public education has been as commonplace for as long as we can remember, finding the best primary schools in Pretoria can be a bit dicey especially since only very few schools can stand out of the pack in providing the kind of elitist educational services that a lot of people crave for.

If you are a parent who resides in Pretoria and has kids of school age, getting the right quality education for them can also be an uphill task, especially when you have a tight working schedule and can barely make out enough time to scout for an excellent school for your kids.

Hence in this post, we are going to saving you the time and stress that you can otherwise devote to your job or business by listing out some highly rated primary schools in the Pretoria metropolis to narrow down your choices when trying to pick out the best schools that offer top-quality education and also one that suits your convenience.

In light of this, below are ten best primary schools in Pretoria. We hope that this list can help in making the right choice for children.


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Top 8 Best Primary Schools In Pretoria

1. Laerskool Eendracht Primary School

With over 100 years in existence, Laerskool Eendracht Primary School stands as one of the oldest primary schools in Pretoria. Founded in 1904, this school has served pupils from far and wide over the years, to include outside of Pretoria.

The number of pupils in enrollment stands at over 950. Laerskool Eendracht Primary School caters to kids between Reception to Grade Seven.

Contact Info:
Location: No. 89 Bosman Str, Pretoria Central, Pretoria, 0002
Services: Reception to Grade Seven
Telephone: 012 321 2313
Web Address:

2. Northridge Primary School

Founded more than 40 years ago in the year 1976, Northridge Primary School is rated as one of the best in North of Pretoria district.

A school that started relatively small has gradually grown to now accommodate over 1200 pupils from Reception all the way through to Grade Seven.

Contact Info:
Location: 232 Braam Pretorius Street, Pretoria, 0129
Services: Reception to Grade Seven
Phone Number: 012 567 5134/35
Web Address:

3. Waterkloof Primary School

The Waterkloof Primary School is a premium co-educational institution founded over 60 years ago in 1958. It is located in the Waterkloof area of Pretoria and boosts of about 850 pupils in enrolment from Grade One up to Seven.

Waterkloof has proven itself time and again for decades as a leading voice in top-quality education in Pretoria and South Africa as a whole.

Contact Info:
Location: 306 Milner Str, Waterkloof, Pretoria, 0181
Services: Grade One to Grade Seven
Phone Number: 012-460-3221
Web Address:

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4. Waterkloof House Preparatory School

Waterkloof House Prep School is one of the few excellent private preparatory schools in the Brooklyn district of Pretoria.

Popularly identified with a catchy acronym “WHiPS,” the school boosts of being an elite primary co-educational center for the crème de la cream in South-Africa who is looking for that exclusive quality education for their wards away for the noisiness and bureaucracy of public education.

The school enrolls pupils between the Grade One and Seven age range.

Contact Info
Location: 535 Ruddell Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria. 0181
Services: Grade One to Grade Seven
Phone Number: +27 12 460 5221
Web Address:

5. Rietondale Primary School

This is a top-of-the-range educational institution that offers quality tutoring to its moderately numbered pupils. Rietondale Primary School is situated in the heart of the Rietondale district in Pretoria.

Its comprehensive curriculum stretches to covers a host of other extra-activities, which makes for the fun-learning environment for its pupils. The school currently offers services for Grade One up until the seventh grade.

Rietondale Primary School has proven itself time and again to be one of the best in quality primary education and a lot of parents that can vouch for that. This is why Rietondale Primary School continues to be a highly sort-after institution in the Pretoria district of South Africa.

Contact Info
Location: 10 Nuffield Street, Rietondale, Pretoria, South Africa 0084
Services: Grade One to Grade Seven
Phone Number: +27 12 329 2089
Web Address:

6. Glenstantia Primary School

When looking for a great school for your kids anywhere around Pretoria, Glenstantia Primary School is what should come to mind. This school, which began with as a little number, has grown to accommodate over 1,500 pupils and is one of the most popular top-quality schools in the Glenstantia district.

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Contact Info:
Location: Anton Van Wouw Street, Waterkloof Glenstantia, Pretoria, 0010
Services: Grade One to Grade Seven
Phone Number: 012 998 6116
Web Address:

7. Brooklyn Primary School

Brooklyn Primary is a leading learning institution that carries along with it a slogan of excellence. This school, which is located in the Brooklyn area of Pretoria, records an impressive number count of about 960 pupils, tutors, and caregivers from Reception to Grade Seven.

The track record of Brooklyn Primary School sets it apart from the lot and thus puts it as one of the most sort-after primary schools in the Pretoria metropolis.

Contact Info:
Location: 279 Murray Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria, 0011, South Africa.
Services: Reception to Grade Seven
Phone Number: +27 12 460 3238
Web address:

8. Hatfield Christian Primary School

Hatfield Christian Primary School is a top-quality Christian co-educational institution situated in the Gauteng area. It has a record of about 750 children in enrollment from Grade One up to Grade Twelve.

It is a Christian-owned primary school which gives it an unquestioned reputation of impacting the right kind of values in its pupils as part of its extensive curriculum.

Contact Info
Location: 551 January Masilela DR, Waterkloof Glen, Pretoria, 0010
Services: Grade One to Grade Twelve
Phone Number: +27 12 361-1182
Web Address:

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