Top 10 Best Primary Schools in Centurion

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Getting a child the best education should be of the highest priority for any parent or would-be parent.

A quality education not only stands serves as a tool for formal learning, but as the main foundational building blocks of character upon which a child forms a unique view of the world and is then able to find his or her place in it.

Based on this understanding, if you are a parent looking for the best primary schools in Centurion and have not figured out how to go about, this article is your sure bet.

We took out some quality time, after much qualitative research to come up with ten best primary schools in the city of centurion to aid you in narrowing down your options and ones that suits your time schedule and convenience, because we recognize what a herculean task it could be juggling between a job or running a business, and then still have to run around to find the right placement for your kids.

We are detailing these ten best schools below for you to pick from at your leisure time. Follow along now.

Best 10 Primary Schools In Centurion

1. Magnum Opus Primary School

Magnum Opus Primary School is one of the best privately-owned primary school in the city.

The school was founded in the year 2014 with a mission to providing quality education for kids within the Grade One and Grade Four levels of academic learning.

Magnus Opus Primary School has one of the best curriculums in the city that follows the strict guidelines of the district of Gauteng and in just six short years has grown a solid reputation that precedes it.

At Magnum Opus Primary School, kids are provided with nutritious meals at lunch time carefully prepared by the best trained hands to ensure that each kids stays properly nourished and energized during school hours .

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Contact Info:

  • Location: 41 Koggelaar Road, Rooihuiskraal, Centurion South Africa 0157
  • Services: Reception to Grade Seven
  • Phone Number: 0126610454, 0828725086
  • Web Address:

2. Irene Pre-Primary School

Irene Pre-Primary is one of the leading names in pre-primary education in the city. They have some of the most qualified teachers and groomers to attend to each child specially.

Set in a spacious and serene environment, Irene Pre-Primary School offers the best in day care and nursery services incorporated with very good programs for toddlers to keep them mentally engaged for the day.

The school also has a great meal service to make sure each kid is kept well fed and nourished throughout school hours.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 39 Crawford Rd, Irene Farm Villages, Centurion – 0062
  • Services: Pre-Nursery, Nursery
  • Phone Number:  012 667 1813
  • Web Address:

3. Veritas Academics School

Veritas Academics School is a privately-funded educational institution that places great emphasis on leisure learning.

With a comprehensive curriculum that incorporates the best in, in-and-after-class programs to include sports, music and cultural activities,  Veritas Academics School can beat its chest in saying that they have in place a robust portfolio that allows for the best in quality all round learning for kids in nursery, primary and high school levels of academic learning.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 9, 9 Panorama Rd, Rooihuiskraal, Centurion – 0154
  • Phone Number: 060 809 6818
  • Services: Reception to Grade Twelve
  • Web Address:

4. Kiddie Kollege

Kiddie Kollege is one of the leading privately-owned pre-schools in the city of Centurion.

They have one of the best curricula in the Province and pupils are tutored in a bilingual and bi-cultural atmosphere.

Kiddie Kollege was founded in the year 2012 with a mission to develop special skills in children while grooming them into responsible members of society.

With well-qualified staff, each kid is given special attention to ensure that children get the best of the schools’ robust programs.

Contact Info:

  • Location: Kiddie Kollege, Valley Rd, Mnandi, Centurion South Africa 0157
  • Phone Number: 0828721865
  • Serices: Pre-School, Nursery, Primary
  • Web Address:
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5. Ultimate Care 4 Kids

At Ultimate Care 4 Kids, kids are given the most attention in a small sized classroom with a closed up teacher to pupil ratio which ensures for proper handling.

The school is set in a very nice environment that promotes a relaxed atmosphere for learning.

Ultimate Care 4 Kids has a great curriculum of in and after class programs that ensures that each child is intellectually stimulated and form an independent mind.

There is also provision for healthy meals during lunch time, carefully prepared by highly qualified kitchen staff.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 1020 Clifton Road, Lyttelton Manor, Centurion  south Africa 0157
  • Phone Number: 0836102495
  • Services: Reception to Grade Seven
  • Web Address:

6. Zwartkop Christian School

A denomination institution per excellence, The Zwartkop Christian School incorporates a solid Christian doctrine training in the learning curriculum.

With a robust program that strives for the very best in quality education, after-school activities all encapsulated in a solid values system, Zwartkop Christian School has continued to be epitome of excellence in academic and extra-curricula activities.

Set in a relaxed, serene environment, the school caters it list of services to kids in nursery, primary, and high levels of academic learning.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 142 Pine Avenue, Bronberrick, Centurion – 0157
  • Phone Number: 0126540579
  • Services: Reception to Grade Twelve
  • Web Address:

7. Sunshine Corner Pre-Primary School

Sunshine Corner Pre-Primary School is a public owned institution of learning founded over 40 years ago with a mission to give young kids within the ages of 18 months to six years of age a quality head start in life.

Located in the serene area of Clubview, Sunshine Corner Pre-Primary School strives for excellence in all of its programs both in academics and extra-curricula programs.

The school currently offers its range of services for kids in crèche, pre-primary and junior primary levels of learning.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 212 Harvard Ave, Clubview, Centurion  South Africa 0014
  • Phone Number: 012 660 0606
  • Services: crèche, pre-primary and junior primary
  • Web Address:

8. PLG Raslou College Raslouw AH,

PLG Raslouw College is one very new and fresh primary schools in the city. Founded in 2017, PLG Raslouw College has a very spacious and serene learning environment that offers its services to kids from Reception all the way up to Junior High.

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The school since its short existence has rapidly built a reputation with its long range of programs that ensure that pupils and students get the best in quality learning and character building.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 290 Poole Ave, Raslouw AH, Centurion south africa
  • Phone Number: 012 – 942 9959 or 063 742 8498
  • Services: Reception to Grade Nine
  • Email: [email protected]

9. Bizzy Beez Preschool

Bizzy Beez Preschool is a high standard private institution of learning that ensures that kids get the very best in preparatory development.

With great learning facilities located in the Rooihuiskraal area of Centurion, Bizzy Beez Preschool has been touted as being one of the very best in pre-primary education.

The school has a system that allows pupils to thrive in a serene learning space, grooming them into vibrant and dynamic kids that while learning to be independent, imbibe the spirit of team work and helping one another.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 143 Panorama Rd, Rooihuiskraal, Centurion South Africa 0154
  • Phone Number: 0835532511
  • Services: Pre-primary
  • Web Address:

10. Centurion Montessori

Centurion Montessori is a private primary school located in the Hennopspark area of Centurion.

At Centurion Montessori, kids are equipped with an all round quality learning that incorporates the very best in in and after class programs such as sports, cultural and drama.

Each kid is given proper attention that ensures that each one is not only left behind, but to also ensure that each kid learns at his or her own pace.

With this kind of approach, talents are equally discovered and harnessed ahead of time to find out where each kid fits and give them the right head start towards a desired career path.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 7 Estcourt Ave, Hennopspark, Centurion South Africa 0157
  • Phone Number: 012 653 4177
  • Services: Reception to Grade Seven
  • Web Address:

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