10 Best High Schools In Roodepoort 2021

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When you think about education in Africa, the first name that comes to your mind would be South Africa. It is a well – known fact that South Africa sets the pace when it comes to lots of things on the continent, education inclusive.

Two government departments or agencies handle education in South Africa. The department of basic education (DBE) oversees the primary schools. They manage the activities of both public and private (independent) primary schools.

They also oversee the operations of high schools throughout the country. The second department or agency of the government that oversees education in South Africa is the department of higher education and training (DHET). The function of the department is to manage the activities of tertiary institutions and training.

For this article, our focus will be on high schools in Roodepoort. This list will have the best 10 high schools in the city based on thorough research.

Top 10 Best High Schools In Roodepoort

1. Allen Glen High School

First on our list for best high school in Roodepoort is Allen Gleen High School. Established in 1992, this school is a coeducational public institution situated in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, South Africa. The current student population is approximately 1000.

The name of the school came from the suburbs where the school is located. The school aims to inspire students to have the confidence they need to pursue their dreams and realize them. With adequate staff, facilities, and a pleasant environment, this school is among the best-ranked school in Johannesburg.

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2. Hoërskool Florida

Next in our list is Hoërskool Florida. This school instructs its students using Afrikaans as a means of communication. Established in 1944, this school is one of the oldest high schools in the area. It was formally opened two years after it was built.

The student population as at now is approximately 1000, a far cry from when it was only 340 students in 1946.

Since it’s inception, the quality of education has not wanted. Students’ performance in external exams has remained impressive throughout the province of Gauteng.

The school has a reputation for producing top archivers in the Gauteng province as well as the entire country. Facilities are regularly improved upon, and sports such as rugby are encouraged. No wonder the school has produced so many sportsmen and women, especially in rugby.

3. La Salle College

This is a private high school in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, South Africa. The school is a catholic school established in 1966. The school was built to meet the education demands of the people in the area.
As expected, the school maintains deep catholic traditions.

The school aims to provide holistic education with morals to make it’s students worthy of their country wherever they find themselves. Quality education provided by experienced teachers, top-notch facilities in a serene environment is what you will get as a ward in this school.

Besides, the school has a primary school section. Students of this school, through their training, become 21st global citizens without the misdemeanors of the millennium affecting their characters.

4. Florida Park High School

Situated in the heart of Roodepoort, Johannesburg, is one of the best high schools in the country. Florida high since it’s inception has developed a reputation of providing quality education to lots of students with the Republic of South Africa.

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In Florida high, the students are prepared for future success through character development and morals as well as holistic education.

The school aims to ensure students have the best of education without paying over the top for it.
Graduates from the school are known for playing a vital in their communities through their sound character imbibed from staff in the school.

5. West Ridge High School

This is an independent (private) school situated in Roodepoort, South Africa. The school began with less than 500 students but has experienced tremendous growth, which has seen the student population grow to over 2000 recently.

The quality of education provided by the school is highly commendable. With the student-teacher ratio very know, students are catered to adequately. The school aims to make sure students have a dynamic future that will make them worthy citizens of their country.

6. Trinity House School

Established in 1997, the school started with approximately 200 students. However, the school has experienced tremendous growth. The current student population is over 1000 number.

The teaching is future-oriented. The school aims to get the students ready for future opportunities in the labor world. This is done through the exposure of students to technology, which will enable them to become significant players in the future.

With the digital literacy included in the school curriculum, students are encouraged to learn of the 21st century most significant investment.

Digital literacy is one of the essential requirement to be successful in this century; that is why the school pays great attention to it.The provision of a laboratory for digital education makes the school a digital hub for students’ learning.

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7. Princess High School

Princess high school, located in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, is one of the best schools in the province. It is established in 1899, the school one of the oldest in Africa.

The school is a public high school with a student population of approximately 900. The staff capacity is about 60, which makes the student-teacher ration low. Low ration is useful for effective student monitoring and teaching.

8. Hoerskool Die Burger

Though this school uses Afrikaans is a means of communication, the school is still among the best in the province. Every year, the student population continues to grow as a result of the quality of education the school offers.

9. Hoerskool Roodepoort

Established in 1952, this is another high school that imparts knowledge to its students through the use of Afrikaans. The school has a reputation for having great success in external exams in the country.

The high success rate of the students in external exams has led the school to experience massive population growth over the years. It is the kind of school you will like to be part of.

10. Skyline High School

Last on this list of best high schools in Roodepoort is this independent high school. SkyLine high school is one of the best high schools in the city of Roodepoort.

With excellent facilities and experienced teachers, the school provides students with futuristic education to help them become essential citizens of the province and the country by extension.


There are several high schools in Roodepoort. However, we stuck with the best ten in the city. The list provided here is current and is a product of extensive research.
We wish you the best in your educational pursuit.

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