Best High Schools In Durban [2021 Compiled List]

“When you educate a child, you educate a community.” This is a long held adage that is still true up until this day. Education is a very crucial part of a child’s life, which is why parents spend a great amount of resource to get their wards the right education they possibly can.

Having understood the importance of education to a growing mind, you should also appreciate that merely getting your child or ward enrolled in just any type of school isn’t going to cut it in this day and age.

Reason is, not every school has the right kind of tools to give your wards the best kind of training there is. While the city of Durban is lush with a plethora of high schools, only a handful really stand out of the pack.

Which is why in this post, we are going to be detailing ten best high schools in Durban to help you make the best choice when trying to pick out a school for your child.

Top 10 Best High Schools In Durban

1. St Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls

St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls is an all-girls private high school which offers both day and boarding facilities for its students. The school is located in the city of Durban and its boarding facilities are only available to girls at the secondary level.

The school is situated in a serene environment and offers students with the finest quality training. Currently, St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls caters its services to pupils and students between the Reception to Grades twelve level of academic learning.

2. St James Durban

St James Durban is a Christian denomination high school located in Durban. The school is a multi-dynamic mixed school that caters its services to both boys and girl between the Grades One to Grades Twelve level of academic learning.

St James Durban has a robust curriculum that offers kids a variety of subjects and after-school activities. Parents are assured of a good moral training ground when they enroll their kids at this school

3. Brettonwood High School

Brettonwood High School is one of the premium quality high schools located in the city of Durban. The school has been around for more than 50 years. Established in 1966,  Brettonwood high takes its name from Brettonwood Avenue, just close to the entrance near the school.

This school has produced some of the best mind in South African high society and has a track record of excellence judging by ratings.

4. Thomas More College

Thomas More College is a premium learning institution which offers the highest moral value and strives to instill the best character and shape its pupils and students into useful, well-groomed, functioning members of society.

This school is a Christian owned all-round level learning institution with facilities for pupils and students from pre primary all the way to Grade twelve. Currently, the Thomas More College accommodates over a thousand pupils and students in all its levels of academic learning.

5. Durban Girls’ High School

Durban Girls’ High School was established over 100 years ago in 1882 as one of the foremost government owned all-girls institution of higher learning.

The school is currently sited in the Glenwood suburbs of Durban and offers young girls the right all-round training and proper grooming to equip them for the future. As of this writing, Durban Girls’ High School has over 1300 girls in its enrolment from Grade Eight to Grade Twelve.

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6. Maris Stella School

Maris Stella School is one of the most renowned Christian denominational high schools owned and operated by the Roman Catholic.

It was established for girls only between the ages of three to eighteen years, Founded in 1899, the primary aim of Maris Stella School is to raise girls around age three up to 18 years of age, inculcating the right kind of value into them in order to prepare them for the future.

Maris Stella School having recognized that this age range is the most delicate time in the life of every girl child, makes it’s a top priority to follow on a strict curriculum to ensure they achieve excellence for the girl child.

7. Crawford College Durban

Started 21 years ago with just a handful of pupils, Crawford College has grown to be one of the most talked about institutions of higher learning. The school currently has over 600 pupils and students enrolled into its grades 000 to grades twelve academic program.

They have a robust curriculum that makes learning interesting and collaborative within pupils and students. This curriculum offers both academic and after-school programs which provide a balanced learning approach for its students. This is why they produce outstanding results.

8. St. Henry’s Marist College

Founded about 90 years ago in the year 1929, St. Henry’s Marist College is a privately owned multi-dynamic educational center operated by a Catholic denominational body.

Currently St. Henry’s Marist College provides its services to over 750 pupils and students between Grades 000 up unto Grades twelve. The school in its 90 year of operation has achieved a track record of excellence in academics, values, and other after-school programs.

9. Kearsney College

Established almost 100 years ago in the year 1921, Kearsney College is a boys-only full boarding privately-owned secondary school that caters its services to boys between the Grades Eight up until Grades twelve level.

The school strives to play its part in raising upright men that become responsible members of society. As at this moment, Kearsney College has over 600 students enrolled in all levels of academic training.

10. Eden College Durban

Eden College Durban is an all-round level private institution that handles students from nursery, primary all the way to secondary. It is a culturally-dexterous institution that operates a robust syllabus that is equipped with really great academic and after-school programs. Since its inception, Eden College has continued to strife on a track record of excellence, and many South African academic bodies can vouch for that. Currently, the school caters its services from Grade 000 all the way to grade twelve level of academic learning.

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