5 Best High Schools in Centurion 2020

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As they say, education is the right of every child.  Interestingly, while we all recognize this singular fact to be always true and embedded in the heart of every parent or soon-to-be parent, we must not only comment on the need for education, but a qualitative and sound one as it could never be stressed hard enough.

As a South African citizen who is looking for the best high schools in Centurion, this article will be your go to guide when on the quest for the much talked about. We understand that high school among all other levels of schooling is a very precarious time in the life of every young child.

This is actually the time most of them reach adolescence and this time in the life of every young teenage is when they mostly form their opinions about the world they are growing up in and desire to be independent.

Because of this, these young minds are most prone to many negative influence and peer pressure. So you can now see why the right school is of the most importance for the formative growth and grooming of your ward.

We need to specify here that in your quest for picking a good school for your child of high school age; you need to careful as to the school you enroll your kid in, since it is obvious there are still a few bad schools around the city of Centurion.

First, we might need to watch out for a few things before going about your journey to picking the right schools for your kids. We must need to recognize the size of the city of Centurion, which is in the Gauteng province and accounts for over 230,000 in population.

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This city has fast risen to become a major urban center that records a high productivity level in commerce, engineering and construction.

Hence, understand that this economic shift not only brings development, but gentrification of this sort accompanies with it, its own peculiar problem of the increasing crime rate and fall in moral standard common among youth.

So you now understand why it is necessary that placing the top most priority on the school you send you kids to is very important.

Considering this, we have taken the time to detail five best high schools in Centurion to help you in your pick for the best quality high school and one that suits your convenience. Follow along now!

Top 5 Best High Schools In Centurion

1. Centurion Christian School

Sited in the city of Centurion, Gauteng Province, Centurion Christian School is a multi-dynamic Christian denominational learning institution that prides itself in inculcating the right values and religious doctrines in its pupils and students.

Equipped also with a rich curriculum to handle a wide variety of subjects and programs for children between Reception until Grades Twelve. Centurion Christian School has over 750 students and pupils in its enrolment.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 178 Aletta Street, Celtisdal, Centurion, South Africa 0157
  • Services: Reception to Grades Twelve
  • Phone Number: +27 12 656 7004
  • Web Address: ccschool.co.za

2.  Amberfield College

Amberfield College is a high standard privately owned multi-faceted learning outfit that offers one of the best educational training for pupils and students between the Reception level to Grade Twelve. The school is relatively new, only have been in operation for few month shy of a year.

Established in 2019, Amberfield College is already a learning name and grown rapidly to accommodate over 800 pupils and students in its enrollment.

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Contact Info:

  • Location: 4810 Amampondo Street, Rooihuiskraal North x 46, Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa
  •  Services: Reception to Grades Twelve
  •  Phone Number: 012 534 3344
  • Web Address: amberfieldcollege.co.za

3. Sutherland High School

Speaking of superb schools in the city of Centurion, Sutherland High School Centurion is one that swiftly comes to mind. It is a government-owned multi-dynamic learning institution founded over 30 years ago in the year 1987.

Sutherland High School records a high number of student turn out in its Grade Eight to twelve levels of academic learning. The school has over 1500 students in its enrollment and counting.

This is a testament to quality education which explains why parents and guardians strive to send their kids and wards there.

Contact Info:

  •  Location: 1333 Willem Botha Avenue, Eldoraigne, Centurion, South Africa
  • Services: Grades Eight to Grades Twelve
  • Phone Number: 012 658 5880
  • Web Address: sutherlandhs.co.za

4. Lyttelton Manor High School

Founded almost 60 years ago, Lyttelton Manor High School is a government owned, multi-faceted high school sited in the city’s heart of Centurion. When you talk of quality, this school is your best bet, which is why it has become so recognized over many decades of its being in operation.

Lyttelton Manor High School has produced some of the best minds and some highly placed members in South African society making waves several works of life. The schools offers its services to students between the Grades Eight o Grades Twelve academic levels.

Contact Info:

  •  Location: 130 Selborne Avenue, Lyttelton Manor, Centurion, South Africa 0154
  •  Services: Grades Eight to Grades Twelve
  •  Phone Number: +27 12 664 5698
  • Web Address: N/A

5. Southdowns College

Celebrated as one of the most recognized schools in the city of Centurion, Southdowns College is a multi-faceted, privately owned learning institution that has learning facilities for all round level all the way from Grades 000 to Grades twelve.

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It operates both a day and boarding system for its high school students. Southdowns College has a wide curriculum that incorporates after-school programs for pupils and students on all levels to give kids a proper balanced education.

Contact Info:

  •  Location: John Vorster Dr Extension, Southdowns, Irene, Centurion, South Africa 0123
  • Services: Grades 000 to Grades Twelve
  •  Phone Number: 012 665 0244
  • Web Address: southdownscollege.co.za

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