Best Courses In Psychology 2021: Study Right

There are several courses in psychology. A career in psychology would mean you will spend your days studying the human mind. It’s function, how it behaves and finally its health.

The main job of a psychologist is to analyse their client of employers mind and come up with methods that would help them cope with issues of mental health.

Choosing the best psychology course would entail you knowing what area of psychology interests you most. The field of psychology is a wild one.

As a student interested in psychology, you will need to take several psychology courses before you can become a psychologist.

Courses in psychology are tailored to assist you to understand human behaviour adequately by knowing how the human mind works.

In this article, we will look at the best psychological courses out there for you to choose from.

These psychology courses are available in almost all universities around the world but the psychology course combination may differ from one university to the other and from one country to another.

Here are the best courses in psychology available to you as a psychology enthusiast.

Courses in psychology

Top Courses In Psychology

  • General psychology

This psychological course is basically introductory. It equips you with an overview knowledge of what psychology is all about.

Initially, the information this psychology course provides can be overwhelming but with the time you will get a handle of it.

For example, most first-year psychology students in South Africa complain of the course been tasking and too demanding.

A few months later they will say it is the best course in psychology.

The course lays the foundation required by students to understand other psychology courses properly.

  • Statistics

Statistics course in psychology primarily focuses on the research techniques and the way statistical values are handled.

This course in psychology is compulsory for any student who aspires to become a psychologist in future.

The major function of this psychological course is to give you a background idea of how psychologists carry out an investigation on the human mind.

  • History of psychology

Psychology like every other discipline out there, it has its own origin and history.

History of psychology as a course in psychology assist students to comprehend the history and background of psychology. It’s founding fathers as well as their ideas.

Using South Africa as an example, the course history of psychology begins with the history and philosophies of the founding fathers of psychology.

The contributions of these founding fathers to the growth of  psychology as well.

  • Philosophical psychology

For a student who wants to be a successful psychologist. Understanding the human mind and behaviour is essential.

Philosophy course works to help your understanding the way the brain works, perceptions, action and reaction to things and physiological processes.

This course in psychology can be called different name in different countries. It can be known as biological philosophy or biophilosophy.

  • Developmental psychology

This psychology course focuses on the study of human development and growth from birth to the time of their death.

There are two divisions of developmental psychology which are the full developmental psychology and child psychology.

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This psychological course comprises of developmental issues such as biological, emotional and how external factors like family and peer pressure affects the psychology of a person.

It also looks at the cultural impact on the development of an individual psychic.

  • Social psychology

This is a psychology course that focuses on the study of social influence through the scientific method. It also includes the sturdy interaction between people as individuals or as a group.

A social psychologist focuses on the role social environment play in the character and behaviour of people.

While this may be similar to sociology. This course focuses on the changes in a situation that affects social behaviour and character.

Sociology, on the other hand, focuses on the impact of culture and institution on the behaviour of people.

  • Personality psychology

This psychology course is concerned with theories that surround personality development. These theories are behavioural, Freudian, existential theories.

Personality psychology aims to understand the concept of personality and how it varies among individuals. It also looks at the similarity that exists between people.

A psychologist who specializes in this psychology course can treat effectively issues of personality disorder that can interfere with a person’s life and relationships.

  • Abnormal psychology

Abnormal psychology is a course in psychology concerned with the biological, environmental and cultural impact on the abnormal behaviour of an individual.

This course outline covers areas like mood swings, abuse of substance and personality disorders as well.

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Additionally, this course explores the background and asses the issues listed above. Students who participate in this course explore possible treatments as well.

  • Cognitive psychology

This course in psychology focuses on the internal mental process. All the processes that go on within the brain. Perception, thinking, problem-solving and reasoning as well as language.

These processes are responsible for moulding human character and behaviour. Taking a cognitive psychology course will equip students with the knowledge of these processes and how it works.

These psychological courses may vary in their course makeup from one institution to another and from one country to the other.

Psychological courses may be a little difficult at the beginning but it is actually fun to study. It is also rewarding as well.

Employment opportunities are numerous for psychologists and you can also go into private practice as well.

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