Best Boarding Schools In Mpumalanga in 2021

One thing that has affected the performance of youngsters in exams is a distraction. Distraction exists in various forms. Social media distraction through the use of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The constant use of mobile phones is another example of distractions. This distraction is avoided by students who attend boarding schools.

Boarding school often have a more qualified teachers who are passionate about teaching and don’t see their job as only a means of employment. These types of teachers can teach even at night to ensure that they meet up with the curriculum of the school.

Furthermore, boarding school usually have a small student-teacher ratio, the good thing about this ratio is, it allows for more personal interaction between teachers and students. Additionally, students in a boarding school are interested in an educational environment that motivates them to read more.
In this article, we shall inform you about the best boarding schools in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Top 8 Boarding Schools in Mpumalanga

1. Metropolitan College

First on our list is metropolitan college, Mpumalanga. The main goal o the school is to ensure students are given quality education. Through the use of a sereneand safe environment, students can avoid distractions that can hinder their performance.

There is a hostel facility for both sexes. They offer subsidized school fees for parents or guardians who have more than two wards in the school.

With the peaceful environment within the school and the dedication o the teachers and staff, parents can expect their ward to have the best of education and character development.

2. Hts Middelburg

This is a government-owned high school in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Here is another top school you can have your child attend. The environment is tailored to suit students’ academic needs. Teachers are passionate about their work and care about their student’s welfare as well as character.

With small size classrooms, student’s performances closely monitored to ensure their performance is in line with the school and their parent’s desire for them.

With the performance of the student in external examinations, the school has made a reputation of being one of the best high school in South Africa.

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3. Highveld Park High School

Here is another public school on this list. HIGHVELD PARK HIGH SCHOOL has everything you will want to see in a school. Facilities are upgraded to meet modern requirements by students. The current curriculum ranks among the best in the continent.

Students are given the kind of education that will make them stand out among their mates anywhere in the world. With dedicated teachers and staff, this is achieved with every set of students that pass through the school.

Additionally, the school is not all about academics. Extracurricular activities, such as sports and debating, are encouraged. The reason for this encouragement and support is to give students all-round education.Students’ performance in external examinations over the years has been impressive.

Hence, the reason the school has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the student population.
Old students have always said that the foundation of their success was laid by the education they got from this school.

4. Lowveld High School

One of the best high schools in Mpumalanga. Quality of education provided by Lowveld high school is nothing short of impressive.

Performance by students has made the school popular among the locals.
Being a boarding school it gives the students all that they need to become good academically as well as develop good morals that will make them worthy citizens of their country.

Several Ex-students, when asked, always talk about how teachers and staff of the school made sure to give the students their time. They said this made them use the time to ask questions and understand what is being told to them by the teachers.

5. Grace Christian Private School

The next school on the list of best boarding schools in Mpumalanga is this lovely high school. Grace Christian private school is an independent boarding school.

Over the years, the school has developed a reputation for producing top performers in external examinations. As a result of hard work by the teachers and staff, provision of adequate facilities such as laboratories and well-spaced classrooms, the student has had commendable success in exams outside the school.

6. Sinethemba Secondary School

We have another public secondary school on our list. In Sinethemba SecondarySchool, students have every necessary tool they need to make their parents proud.

With dedicated teachers and staff, peaceful environment as well as modern facilities, students can’t complain of not given the best of opportunities to work on their academics.

On thing, a student of this school know is that the usual problems associated with boarding schools are absent here. Issues like a student not being fed properly or the quality of food being unacceptable don’t exist in the school.

Sufficient food is provided to students in a three-meal. The quality is commendable as well. Sporting activities, amongst other extracurricular activities, are encouraged to give the students a holistic education.

7. Belfast Akademie

Here is another public secondary school that made our list of top schools. This boarding school is open to both boys and girls. The school can boast of recording high success in external examinations.

Students are exposed to balanced education that will make them stand out among their peers around the world.

With passionate teachers who care for their student’s welfare more than they care for their pockets, students are given the best kind of education possible.

8. Sibusiso Combined School

The last school on the list is Sibusiso combining school. This is a public school in Mpumalanga city. The boarding school is open to both boys and girls.

In addition to subsidized fees, this school offers scholarships to outstanding students as well. The quality of education is highly commendable, with mist students doing well in external examinations. Facilities are provided to enable students with the school experience holistic education.

Final Thoughts

Boarding schools are high for students as it helps them focus on their education. If you are interested in enrolling your child or children into a boarding school in the Mpumalanga, these schools listed above are your best option.

This list is not random but an effort of dedicated individuals who engaged in extensive research. We wish you all the best in your educational pursuit.

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