Best Autism /Special Schools In South Africa 2021

Autism is a growth and developmental condition in which a child finds it hard to concentrate on a thing, have a recurring or repetitive way of doing things or behaving,poor socializing skills, poor, disrupted, slow and often times mixed up speech.

Autism doesn’t have a known cure but it can be managed, controlled and to an extent corrected. There are special schools and even hospitals that helps manages autism cases.  Below are a list of the best autism and special needs schools in South Africa:

Top 15 Best Autism/Special Schools in South Africa

1. The Star Academy Johannesburg

(School of Autism and Other Related Disorder)

The star academy is purposeful in helping to manage and control autism cases.  With the right treatment and corrective measures using behavioral corrective instructions, it aids control and recovery in a child.You can find their location at Athol St, no. 8, Waverley, Johannesburg South Africa.

2. The Key School for Children with Autism

“We treat and nurture each child as a unique individual” is the binding force of the school and what they stand for. They provide different forms of therapies and management measures in tackling the autism cases. They provide “Individual Development Programs” which helps in developing different areas about the child. They have their location at 7 Rhodes Avenue, Parktown, Johannesburg 2193 South Africa.

3. Vera School for Learners with Autism

Vera school is a public founded in 1970. The school is an expert ground in training and providing information for teachers who specialize in autism cases. They do not only train and nurture the children with autism, they also guide and train teachers and parents in nurturing their autistic children. No. 20 Anglesey Road, Rondeboch East, Western Cape 7700 is their contact address.

4. Randburg Clinic / Autism School

“Different but not less” – unique and nothing less of a human is how each child is seen. Randburgis a school for Autism cases that do not only teach and help the children to be self-developed, they also provide clinical services and treatment for the students. They have their location at no. 41 Milner Rd, Kensington B. Randburg 2194.

5. Little Gems Special Needs Care Facility

The school is situated 40 Willow Cres, St Andrews, Germiston 20017 South Africa. They provide optimal care and attention to children and teens with special needs. They are passionate about change and development, so provides upgraded trainings for teachers to provide the best care to the students.

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6. Alpha School for Autistic Learners

Their aim is to offer support and good education to children with complex and additional needs in the most practical, social, loving, innovative and conducive environment.

Their location, Victoria Walk, Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa.

7. The Sisu Hub Autism Centre

Sisu Hub is found in the town of Pretoria – 88 Pitt Street, Weavindpark. They are aimed to finding a way to the heart and mind of the child. Their teachings are targeted at breaking through the child so they can bring out their potentials.

8. Amazing K Autism School

Creativity, participative development, closure of communication gaps and unified growth is what Amazing K school is all about. They nurture the child and offer management and control measures of autism cases. You can locate them at ext 15, 22 Paul ST, Northwold, Johannesburg 2155 SA.

9. Livingstone Primary School

Livingstone offers short term special schooling for children with difficulty in learning, reading, writing, spelling and speech. The children are brought from the conventional schools and after three years can return to the conventional schools. They are all about progress and seeing them advance and improve. You can find them at Livingstone Rd, no. 74, Windermere, Durban 4001 SA.

10. Stellenbosch Waldorf School

The school is shouldered with the responsibility of preparing the child for the life ahead of them with courage and a sense of responsibility. In a serene and loving environment, they teach and cater for the children. You can reach them at Spier Campus, Annandale Road, Stellenbosch, 7600 South Africa.

11. Tamarisk Special School for Autism (TASSFA)

The school creates an enabling environment for students to learn, develop and grow just like other children. They provide counselling and guidance to children and even parents on grooming these children with autism. 27-33 Ficksburg Rd, South Hills, Johannesburg South, 2136 SA.

12. Baobab Learner Centre

Baobab Learner Centre is a special needs school for high school level students. Their functions are on the basis of correcting and controlling disorders and inabilities in children. Visit Baobab at Parktown North, Johannesburg and contact them on +27-11 8806-313 or +27 614592415.

13. Magalies Special School

This school is meant for students facing difficulties in learning where students are given all the attention. They are all out to build self-esteem and confidence in a child whilst learning the conventional schooling curriculum. Their base is at 717 21st Ave, Rietfontein, Pretoria 0084, SA.

14. Quest School for Autistic Learners

Quest School intakes are from the age brackets of six to 18 years. It provides hostel accommodations for children from all over with autism. They support families with autistic children and help them in building bonds and good relationships with their autistic children.

15. Wandsworth School (Special Needs Education)

Wandsworth is that school where “miracles and possibility surround you”. They are a school that believe in possibilities; possibilities of the autistic child having a normal life just like every other person, where they can live up to their fullest potentials, where they can achieve everything and anything, and can be whoever they want to be. You can locate their base at no. 197 starling Ave, BoskruinRandburg, 2188, SA.

Autism isn’t the end of the road of a child, and no child should be written off because he/she needs special attention because of his/her inabilities; instead they should be given a chance to life. Give the child a chance to have a normal childhood without feeling inferior or having to deal with low self-esteem, intimidation and degradation. Enroll the child in any of these best schools for autism, help the child have a life.

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