Best High Schools In Cape Town

Interested in going to school in South Africa? We want to use this article to bring information about the best high schools in cape town, South Africa. South Africa education is the strongest within Africa and among the best in Africa. South Africa schools are highly ranked globally, with lots of international students coming into the country to study.

The quality of education and the facilities provided or available in the schools located within the country is on par with the best schools in the world. The primary, high school and university produce pupils and students who are worthy of African ambassadors wherever they find themselves globally.

Our list includes the best high schools you can find in the city of Capetown. The list we are going to share in this article is a product of detailed research obtained from unbiased statistics. Our list is tailored to provide credible information to you.

Below is our top 10 best high schools in Capetown, South Africa.

1. Claremont High school

Claremont high school is a co-educational public high school. The school is located in Capetown, South Africa. This school was established in 2011. The school is a suburban high school and the grades available are 8 to 12. This school is one of the newest additions to schools in the Capetown area.

Claremont award the National senior certificate to its students at the end of their high school journey. The school is locally known for their student excellent performance in the National exams. The school uses the English language as a medium of teaching, and their primary area of focus is math and sciences.

2. Trafalgar High School

Trafalgar high school in district six, Capetown South Africa. The high school is the first high school built for people of colour in Capetown. Year of the establishment was 1912, and the founder’s name is Abdullah Abdurahman. The over 100-year high school is one of the oldest high schools in South Africa. The school played a prominent role in protests against apartheid. The school’s motto is ” Through, difficulty to success”. The school is a co-educational institution.

3. Windsor High School

Windsor high school was formally known as Lansdowne high until 1981 when it was changed to the current name. The school was established in 1935 as “white- only high school”. The school location is the suburb of Lansdowne Capetown South Africa. Subject taught at Windsor high covers broad areas of human life. Their subjects include science, commercial, arts, and technology. The subjects cater to the aspirations of every student in the school.

4. Wynberg Boys’ High School

Wynberg boys’ high school was established in 1841 is the second oldest school in entire southern Africa. The school is a typical boys’ school located in cape town south Africa. The current student population is over 800 boys. The facilities are excellent for teaching and learning, and anyone who attends this school won’t regret he did. The schools’ motto is overcoming difficulties. Old students are called old wynbergians.

5. The American International School of Capetown

The school is a private, non-profit institution. This school was established in 1997. The student population in this school is over 500. This number includes both boys and girls. The age range of students within the school is between 2 and 18 years. Teachers and instructors are hired from all over the world. Class average size is 16 students for each class. The school is located in the constant hills, Capetown South Africa. The grades available in this school are a nursery to grade 12. The school campus is the suburb type, and there are four of them.

6. Cape town French school

Cape town French international school is located in sea point Capetown, South Africa. The school was established in 1987. The school teaching staff is about 54 persons. The grades available are from 1 to 12. The school uses both French and English language as means of communication. The school student population is over 500. The South African community in the school is about 150 students. The school has tow campuses – the primary campus and the senior secondary campus. Some French nationals initiated the school in Capetown who desire that their children are exposed to French curriculum.

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7. Westerford High School

Westerford high school is a public school located in Capetown, South Africa. The school is a co-educational institution established in 1953. The school’s student population is about 950 students. The school has two campuses with a staff strength of 65 members of staff both full and part-time. The school’s motto is ” Nothin by the best”.

8. Range High School

Range high school in Capetown South Africa is public school established in 1981 by the apartheid government. The school is a non – English medium institution. The language used for teaching in AfAfrikaans. The school is co-educational with the student population at over 300. The grades available in the school is from 8 to 12.

9. Bergvliet High school

This high school is located in the suburb of Bergvliet, cape town, South Africa. The school is a public institution established in 1957. The student population is approximately 1100 students. The schools’ motto is “the wise man would rule the stars”.

10. St. Cyprian School, Capetown

This school is a private boarding institution for girls located in Capetown, western cape, South Africa. The school was established in 1871. The over 100 years old institution is among the oldest schools in Africa and the few old all-girls institutions in Africa. Grades available in the school are from 00 to 12. The student population is over 900 girls. The motto of the school is ” the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”. Sending your daughter to this school would make your child receive the kind of education that would make equal to her mates anywhere in the world.

We have exhausted our list of best high schools in Capetown. We have provided with a relevant and unbiased list. We know you are going to find the information provided here useful. We wish you all the best in your education.

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