Best 10 Colleges In Johannesburg

Getting a college degree is one of the surest ways to a better life in the 21st century. You have the opportunity to see life in a broader sense, get into adventures, meet new people and share ideas. Colleges in very simple words, provide a collaborative environment that enables young minds thrive in any terrain upon graduation.

 Do you live in Johannesburg and are in need of a great college to attend?. We have compiled below best ten colleges in Johannesburg to help with your pick. These are in no particular order but just a careful selected list based on several factors. So follow along!

Top Ten Colleges In Johannesburg

1. Tshwane South College

When you talk about really great colleges in Johannesburg, Tshwane South College comes to mind. The school offers qualitative training to students in just about every discipline. The school has accreditation from recognized educational bodies in South Africa which puts in the map of well respected colleges in the Gauteng district.  Tshwane South College awards National Certificates in courses such as ICT, Business studies, Business Administration, Accounting, Project Management, Accounting etc.

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2. Belgium Campus

This is a highly specialized college that focuses primarily on Information and Communications Technology. Belgium Campus is currently on of the most sought after colleges in Johannesburg and indeed the entire Gauteng province because of its robust curriculum that trains students to become ICT professionals. The school awards short course certificates, diplomas and degrees to its students. Graduates from Belgium Campus go on to become productive career specialist in the field in a very short time after graduation which is why the school is highly respected.

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3. Monash South Africa

Monash South Africa is one of the cutting-edge colleges in Johannesburg that offers a great learning experience for students. Its serene environment allows for teamwork and collaboration between young minds, which is why the school produces some of the best minds in the Province. Graduates from Monash South Africa have no hard time excelling in any chosen field due to the kind of qualitative training they receive from the school.

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4. Open Learning Group

This is one of the premium colleges located in Johannesburg. With a knack for excellence and qualitative training, Open Learning has established a model on which other schools thrive. The school was founded in 1997 and has continued on its mantra for excellence for over twenty years, which is why students from far and wide flock into the school to gain from its great learning environment. The school specializes in management courses as well as business and finance.

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5. Centurion Academy

When you register at Centurion Academy, one thing is sure. You are going to have a great learning experience made possible by some of the best trained lectures and tutors in the province. At Centurion Academy, students are assured of qualitative training, a collaborative environment that allow students to team up on ideas and grow together. Centurion Academy awards certifications in short-time courses, Diploma Certificates, national Certificates, as well as Degrees. Courses offered at the school include, Computer Science, ICT, Public Relations, Project Management, Marketing, Engineering etc.

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6. CTI Education Group

CTI Education Group is a highly recognized private college in Johannesburg. It has accreditation from the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and is highly rated by a number of educational bodies. Students from CTI Education Group perform excellently in any field after graduation, which explains why this school is so sought after by many from far and wide. Its area of focus is in business and ICT. CTI Education Group awards certificates, diplomas and degrees.

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7. Midrand Graduate Institute (MGI)

Midrand Graduate Institute (MGI) is a prestigious training college located in the city of Johannesburg. It is a privately-held university-level college that confers degrees in many fields and disciplines. Students who graduate from this school go on to excel in their various careers because of the kind of qualitative training they receive. Courses offered at Midrand Graduate Institute (MGI) range from Arts, Business, Journalism and Accounting.

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8. College of Production Technology

At College of Production Technology, excellence is the watchword. The school strives to give the best in sound training to its students. It provides a serene and collaborative learning environment that allows for harnessing of potentials in its students. College of Production Technology has highly trained professionals in almost all fields of endeavor, which is why their students perform so excellently upon graduation. Some of the many courses offered at College of Production Technology are management courses in business and logistics as well as Engineering courses.

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9. Academy for Facilities Management (A4FM)

The Academy for Facilities Management (A4FM) is one of the few great colleges in the city of Johannesburg. It is a highly specialized institution that offers quality education to undergraduates pursuing degree and certificate courses in facility management. Examples of certificates offered at The Academy for Facilities Management are Short courses certifications, Higher Certificates, and Advanced Certificates.

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10. BMT College

When you enroll at BMT College, you are rest assured of the best in qualitative education. The school offers both on-campus and distance learning programs for its students and you can learn at your own pace. BMT College has some of the best courses on demand and awards certifications in short-time courses, diplomas etc. These courses include Project Management, Financial Studies, HSC, Human Resource, Business Management, etc. Graduates from BMT College are well adapted to the career market and are well equipped to handle to rough terrain that comes with it.

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