10 Best Degree Courses In Tourism 2021

Over the years, courses in tourism have gained a lot of popularity because of the passion of people to explore travelling.

Tourism industry is a great one, and quite divers in its operations. It includes Government tourism departments, travel agencies, reservation services, etc.

A course in Tourism can be achieved at different levels of education, either at undergraduate level, post graduate programs or in diploma certificates courses.

To become eligible at the different level of learning is to pass certain important courses. Sometimes tourism institutes seek the ability to communicate in one foreign language.

The ongoing development in technology and the introduction of travel and tourism courses has increase the passion of a lot of people to explore the world.

Courses in tourism

This consequently results in increasing demand of travel professionals in different fields. People seeking to pursue a career in tourism can do so with confidence on a long run.

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Courses in tourism are best for those who are experts in travelling, who has develop a strong passion for culture or for anyone who likes to plan to embark on quality tours.

There are many aspects involved in the industry at the moments, with interest on travel management and event management.

The Following Are The List Of 10 Best Courses In Tourism

1. Travel And Tourism Management

In this program, student gain practical and advance knowledge, strategic planning and expertise to succeed in the field.

This enables its student to expand and advance their scope in the tourism industry and to add immeasurable value. This program focuses on increasing their knowledge based in the field.

2. Heritage and Culture Tourism

Heritage and culture tourism is a post graduate course program at the University of Pretoria. This course which offers both full time and part time options allows the student to specialize in a chosen field. The course covers human experience in details.

3. Tourism Management

Tourism management is a full time course run in the University Of Pretoria. This course seeks to increase the knowledge base of students in the areas of economics, financial management.

This course aims to build capable creative and competent individuals in the field of tourism to make better personnel in the field of tourism.

4. International Hospital management

International hospital management course seeks to help student to meet the recruitment needs as tourism industry evolves.

International seeks to lay a solid foundation in general management also specialist knowledge in brand design and innovation and management.

5. Technology in Tourism Management

Technology in Tourism and management delivers first hand information to student on information about different destinations and attractions, both locally and foreign base.

This course gives understanding on guiding customers on how to plan their vacation routes and journeys.

6. Fares International

This short term course in Fares international introduces the beginners to the world of travel in the industry.

Extracts from publications are selected and are use to educate learners on the pricing and various documents based on the customer’s requirements.

7. Billing and Settlement Planning

Billing and settlement planning is a course designed to help in selling, reporting and documenting procedures in relation to the Air Transport Association (IATA).

The course helps in improving financial control as well as cash flow for billing in airlines.

8. Cruises (Short term)

Cruises as course in tourism brings the opportunity to learn about the exciting world of international cruises from a mega ship with a passenger rating of 2000- 5000.

This course allows learners to expand their travel knowledge in destinations cruising technology, interpretation of deck plans. Learners have the opportunity to know what makes a cruise holiday.

9. Tourism marketing

Tourism marketing shows how you can determine and reach your potential market. It explains how to show your business by using a practical marketing channels and mediums.

Tourism marketing connects you and your potential customer together.

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10. Tourism And Hospitality management

This course shows how to combine or coordinate the various aspects of tourism like business, finance, admin, marketing and human resources to produce greater results.

It helps to develop the scope of your establishment and your service.

With the current statistics, tourism may currently be the world’s largest industry with revenue of $500 billion annually.

A degree in Hospitality management and tourism can be a foundation in this ever increasing industry. Once you get started on the part as a tourism expert, the career opportunity is endless.

Considering the increasing growth in the tourism industry, globally and in South Africa, the program in tourism management seeks to expose students to the wide philosophy as well as the learning and opportunities in the fill.

Rewards For Courses In Tourism

Tourism is a major contributor to the economy of a nation, either directly or indirectly.

Through the interaction of Tourism with other sectors like horticulture, agriculture, poultry, sports, arts, and construction, there can be an improvement and boost in the economy wellness of a country.

If you love to interact with people, travel to different to different places of the world to be a part of the industry, then choosing a career in tourism is the best for you.

Careers in tourism include; travel agent, tour operator, guide, tourism, adventure travel guide, cruise, airline service staff, etc.

You can choose to join a diploma or complete certification course in tourism and travel.

When you choose to enroll for a course in tourism, you will have a good business sense in the travel industry.

Enrolling for a course in tourism will give you all the necessary knowledge and skills to become effective travel personnel.

Some of the topics covered in these courses include; National and International Air Travel, Cruises lines, Railway Reservations and travel, lodging and accommodation, Tour packages, Quality management, Project supervision and so on.

A lot of job opportunities are available in the public and private sector, and you can be employed.

A lot of job offer can be found with airlines in the private sector, Tour operations, Travel Agencies, Hotels, etc

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